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Traction is for planning, not just pitch decks

If you have made any efforts at all to put together an investor pitch deck, then no doubt you’ve heard that one of the critical slides to include is the infamous “Traction” slide.  Traction, when you have some, is an amazingly powerful component in your presentation....

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Are you an investable founder?

Do you have the traits that make investors want to give you money and support you? If you’ve been around the startup ecosystem for even a minute, you’ve no doubt heard the saying the investors don’t invest in ideas, they invest in people.  In most cases this is...

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Your Pitch Deck isn’t a Teleprompter

One of the frequent errors that I see first time founders make is putting wayyy too many words on a slide.  If that isn’t bad enough, some founders then proceed to read every word on the slide as though it’s a script.  I saw a blog post by marketing guru and...

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